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Shirodhara Head Massage at YAN Cure Rishikesh India

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment In Rishikesh



The AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMA treatment in India is more than 3000 years old ancient Vedic practice of healing. This immersive retreat at Yan Cure is where you can partake in a journey of discovery, cleansing and awakening of your natural healing energies and senses. As this ancient healing science concludes, it balances and resets your insides, helping you emerge as a deeply transformed self!

In the 21st century, despite tremendous advancements in medical treatments worldwide, our pursuit of a healthy life faces persistent challenges. Modern life has brought about various dangerous diseases that continue to afflict individuals. While doctors are accessible everywhere, the prevalence of diseases is on the rise. Our atmosphere is contaminated with diverse forms of air pollutants, and unknowingly, we ingest approximately 100 grams of dust daily.

Rather than breathing in fresh air, it seems we are unintentionally inhaling toxins. However, there is a promising solution through herbal treatments. By embracing herbal remedies, we can effectively combat air pollution, skin issues, and various diseases. Integrating herbal plants into our nutritional requirements provides a holistic approach to addressing health concerns and fostering well-being.


The word ‘Panchakarma’ is derived from the two Sanskrit words – ‘Pancha’, which means ‘five’, and ‘Karma’, which means ‘actions’.

The Panchakarma retreat procedure is a five-step process that detoxifies the human body and draws out the accumulated toxins within; these toxins build over time due to poor lifestyle habits, wrong food choices, illnesses and environmental pollution.

The methodology employed during the Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatment restores your natural healing capacity and significantly improves your quality of life. The 5 Shodanas (Cleansing Methods/Panchakarma) used at Yan Cure are… 

  • Vamana: Emesis
  • Virechan: Purgation
  • Snehavsti (Matravasti): Oil enema
  • Kashaya vasti (Asthapanavasti): Therapeutic decoction enema
  • Nasya: Nasal medication


Along with these Shodanas, the Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment at Yan Cure also incorporates therapies of the…

  • Snehana: This is the first step of panchakarma, where internal and external oleation is done. Small quantity of cleaned butter is given to the patron and two therapist simultaneously perform herbal massage.
  • Pizhichil: Large quantity of medicated oil is squeezed on the body while messaging it vigorously with a bolus of specially cooked herbal rice waapped in cloth. This procedure drives the oil forcefully through the tiny pores in the skin.
  • Shirodhara: After applying medicated oil on the head of the patron is made to lie on a wooden cot, a continuous stream of herbal oil is made to flow gently on the forehead from specialy designed pot hung at a particular height. Bashpa swedana The patron either sits or lies down on his back. Inside a sweat box. Steam of herbal continuously is released in to the box as required expext head the whole body is exposed to the steam.
  • Urvartanam Verbally means promote or elevate a mixture of hot herbal powder is sprinkled on the body and massages by two therapists it effectively remove excess fat from all part of the body opens up the skin pores and remove dead cells resulting in a lustrous and oxygenated skin. Kati basti An enclosure is built using blackgrame dough around the lumbrosacral area of the body and medicated oil and poured in it and kept for 30 to 35 min. It relieves muscle spasm, rigidity and backache.
  • Karnrnpoorana, the patron is made to lie on his left or right side of the body and warm medicated oil is poured in to the ear, after five min the procedure is the other ear as well.
  • Nasya, A warm herbal oil massage is given on the face concentrating on the sinus area and hot towels are placed on the face to delate the skin pores and warm herbal oil is dropped in the nostrils. Uro basti, A warm herbal oil is retained in a barricade made on the chest with blackgram dough for 30 to 35 min. This tones up and strengthens the heart muscles and relieves chest pain.
  • Shiro basti Medicated herbal oil is poured over the head and retained in a container resembling a chefshat. After the required duration it is drained out it relieves vascular headaches glaucoma, sinus headaches and memory loss and enhances brain activity Yoga and meditation sessions For fitness, relexation and concentration…


All these along with herbal and steam baths complement the purification process of the body. All these wellness therapies are prescribed, monitored, and changed daily by the Doctor. These are tailored to the individual’s receptiveness, desired results, and progress within the program.

The therapy rituals have you anointed with prescribed, hand-mixed, medicated herbal oils that are freshly prepared to restore the crucial inner harmony of the body and the senses. (At Yan Cure, the Panchakarma treatment oils follow the traditional method of use and prescription to the exact precision, so as to extract the most potent therapeutic results for you.) These self-healing oils and therapies cleanse and purify you. 

All this, along with the daily practice of Yoga that realigns the movement, and Meditation that helps you find that sacred space within… you experience the glorious harmonising of your Doshas and the thorough restoration of your health and well-being. This age-old miraculous ritual of AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMA treatment is a deeply nourishing, enriching, and purifying practice that ultimately delivers to you a stronger body, clearer mind, and heightened intuition. This Ayurveda retreat at Yan Cure follows the traditional Kairali principles. Our team of Doctors curate for you an authentic and prescribed traditional program, while the facility is that of a luxury Ayurveda retreat.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment In Rishikesh, India

At Yan cure, Panchkarma therapies are given very specifically.  All therapies you will get would be design by our main doctor after checking your pulse and navel point. These diagnosis helps us to understand your whole body (Physically and mentally) problems and shows us a path to cure those from the root.

Panchakarma at YAN-Cure is designed individually for each person with their specific condition and specific disorder. It requires close observation and supervision and YAN-Cure is well facilitated with this. Treatment starts with pre-purification Measures of Snehan and Svedana, and then cleansing methods – Shodanas are applied.

Understanding  Panchakarma Retreat

Each therapy at YAN cure would give you a deep understanding about your body and mind. Therapies would help you in Complete cleansing of the body, Elimination of toxins, Opening of blocked channels, Improve strength of digestive system, Speedup the metabolism, Helps in reducing the weight, Helps in rejuvenation of tissues, Helps in Relaxing the mind & relieve stress, Boost immunity etc.

In this retreat you will be enjoying various therapies like…

Abhyangam = Ayurvedic Massage, Deep tissue massage, Marma massage, Swedish massage, Feet massage, head & back massage etc.

Udvartanam = Herbal Scrub, Dry fruits, Udvartan powder, Ayurvedic Facial etc.

Potli (Herbal thermal massage) = Patrapindaswedan, Shatshali pindswedan, Choorna potli swedan,  Rock salt potli swedan, Sand pinda swedan etc.

Nasyam (Nasal administration; Errhine Therapy) = Anu oil nasyam, Shatbindu oil nasyam, cow ghee nasyam.

Swedan = Full body swedan, Ekanga swedan, Dashmool kwathswedan, Face swedan, 

Shirodhara = Brahmi oil, Ksheerbala oil, Milk dhara, Takra dhara, Chandanadi tailam.

Akshi Tarpan = TrifalaGhrit, Mahatrifala Ghrit etc.

Basti = Katibasti, Janubasti, Griva basti, Hridaya Basti, Prishtha Basti etc.

Basti (Enema) = Mahanarayan oil, Dashmoolkwath, Neem oil or Neem water, Buttermilk, Anise water, Sanay water, Amaltaskwath, Gaumootra, Castor oil etc. 

Vaman = Anise water, Anise-cardimom water, Rock salt water etc.

Gandoosh = Irmidadi oil, Sesame oil etc.

Shiropichu = Ksheerbaladi oil, Brahmi oil etc. 

Personalized Treatment Protocol :

Under the care of the highly skilled Ayurvedic Doctor at your initial consultation, your personality type or ‘Prakruti’ (Dosha-based) and health concerns or ‘Vikruti’ get diagnosed, and from whence a personalized daily treatments schedule is formulated for you. Even the nutrition in this AYURVEDA PANCHAKARMA retreat is prescribed from our exclusive Ayurvedic Wellness Cuisine and is Dosha specific for you, to enhance your remedial inception. This cuisine in tandem with the Ayurvedic treatments deepens the effects of this ancient healing tradition.

Our Panchakarma Retreat caters to individuals who:

  • Seek a comprehensive detoxification and cleansing experience for their body.
  • Desire to alleviate stress, anxiety, and enhance the quality of their sleep.
  • Navigate chronic health conditions like arthritis, asthma, digestive disorders, skin issues, hormonal imbalances, or fatigue.
  • Are proactive in preventing future ailments and prioritizing longevity.
  • Crave an escape from the daily hustle and bustle, yearning for a tranquil and serene environment.
  • Wish to forge connections with like-minded individuals, with the potential for lifelong friendships.

Program Offerings

Benefits From Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment

  • Detoxification
  • Weight Loss
  • Improved Gut Health
  • Improve Joint and bone health
  • Boosts Metabolism
  • Improves Clarity of the Sense Organs
  • Improves Skin Health
  • Anti-Aging and Longevity
  • Improves your core strength
  • Yoga can contribute to healthy bone density
  • Certain hatha yoga poses contribute to cardiovascular health
  • By supporting the lymphatic system, Hatha yoga strengthens your immune system
  • You will be able to direct and master your own energy
  • You will be able to reach your highest potential

Particularly recommended for…

Course Fees Include

Course Fees Doesn't Include

The General Structure of Daily Routine



06:00 am

Ayurvedic detox Drink

06:30 am

Shat Kriya $ Cleansing

07:00 am

Yoga & Relaxation

08:30 am

Inner Cleansing Program

09:30 am


11:00 am

Therapy (Session - 1)

01:30 pm

Lunch Time

03:30 pm

Tea/Herbal Drink

04:00 pm

Therapy (Session -2)

07:00 pm

Meditation / Ganga Walk

08:00 pm

Dinner Time

09:30 pm

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Drink

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Retreat Price

3 Days & 2 Nights Retreat Plan

Here are some common elements that are often included in Ayurvedic treatment.

₹25K / $300 Single Occupancy
₹20K / $250 Double Occupancy

7 Days & 6 Nights Retreat Plan

Here are some common elements that are often included in Ayurvedic treatment.

₹60K / $725 Single Occupancy
₹50K / $625 Double Occupancy

14 Days & 13 Nights Retreat Plan

Here are some common elements that are often included in Ayurvedic treatment.

₹110K / $1350 Single Occupancy
₹95K / $1150 Double Occupancy