About YAN Cure

The Place – Where The Transformation Begins! Wake Up Amidst The Foothills Of The Mountains To The Sound Of The Birds And End Your Days Under The Starlit Skies.

YAN Cure is derived from the Sanskrit word that means waves. All life in itself is energy, waves, vibrations, continuously interacting with ourselves and those around us. Everything and everyone is vibrating at different frequencies and this is what we project into the world around us. Come raise your vibration through yoga, meditation, connection with the environment, and connection with like-minded people.

Another definition of YAN is a short form of our 3 major treatment processes Y (Yoga & Meditation), A (Ayurveda), & N (Naturopathy). Our whole therapy and wellbeing programs are based on these 3 pillars.

Our center, YAN Cure, is an IYTA-registered center (Indian Yoga Therapist Association). We have a team of therapists at our center who really are trained in traditional yoga therapies and ayurveda treatments.

Yan Cure – Yoga Retreat & Ayurveda Center is set amidst the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, close to the holy Ganga River in the world capital of yoga- Rishikesh, India.

The location is a 20-minute uphill drive from downtown Rishikesh. Free from the air, light, and sound pollution of the city, enjoy yourself waking up to the sounds of the birds and end your days stargazing.

Yan Cure – Yoga Retreat & Ayurveda Center offers you the opportunity to learn & practice yoga in luscious garden settings with scenic views of the mountains. The holy Ganga River is close by, and there is a river just a two-minute walk away which feeds into the Ganga. There are also two waterfalls and a wildlife sanctuary within trekking distance.