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About Yan Cure

Totally Effective Approach for A Better Life

“We at Yan Cure offer the most authentic and tailor-made wellness program suitable for every individual, whoever wants to enhance his physical and mental capabilities while staying in a serene atmosphere based on Ayurveda.
Our team of experts designs specific therapies/treatment and plans according to the individuals need based on their evaluation after pulse diagnosis by our Ayurvedic Doctor. If you are someone looking for a healthy way to treat your health problems, then you are at the right place”

The Name Yan Cure is derived from the Sanskrit word that means waves. All life in itself is energy, waves, vibrations, continuously interacting with ourselves and those around us. Everything and everyone is vibrating at different frequencies and this is what we project into the world around us. Come raise your vibration through yoga, meditation, connection with the environment and connection with like-minded people.

Another definition…

YAN is a short form of our 3 major treatment process

Y = Yoga & Meditation

A =  Ayurveda

N = Naturopathy

Our whole therapy and wellbeing programs are based on these 3 pillars

About The Orign Of Yan Cure

” The Place – Where The Transformation Begins, Wake Up Amidst The Foothills Of The Mountains To The Sound Of The Birds And End Your Days Under The Starlit Skies “

Our center, YAN Cure, is an IYTA-Registered center (Indian Yoga Therapist Association). We have a team of therapists at our center who really are trained in traditional yoga therapies and ayurveda treatments.

YAN Cure Approach

We Respect each tradition, every method and their approach in the health sector. YAN-Cure is very straightforward by saying that the Indian traditional well-being system is the superior health system that can find the root cause of the illness/problem and cure that without any side effects.

At YAN-Cure, we focus on individual body structure and provide all the treatment Tailor-made which suits to that individual person perfectly. YAN-Cure assures you for the best care as a family member and the best. treatment and yoga classes. This whole program will be designed by our doctors and specialist of that particular field after diagnosing pulse and navel point.

Our Values, Mission & Vision

During his explorations of Yan Cure, Dr. Praveen Rana met people from all walks of life and noticed that most of them underestimate their potential. So they came up with the idea of spreading awareness of the real meaning and benefits of Ayurveda and yoga, based on a distinctive and very practical approach to this holistic discipline, while focusing on people’s body structure, and type (Vata, Kapha & pitta) and lifestyle.

Consequently, Yan cure offers scientific and personalized treatment and yogic practice designed to enhance harmony and balance in body, mind, and spirit for a healthier and happier life.

Our Genesis

Yan Cure results from extensive fieldwork and a series of individual treatment processes. Positive and encouraging words expressed by most patrons made us realize that there is a need to reach bigger audiences in a well-coordinated way. To that end, we started to promote a deeply humanistic approach to curing disease and well-being retreats including yoga and meditation.

The whole project reflects this assessment, We didn’t reconsider it. This being said, the COVID 19 sanitary crisis has shown the fragility of both developed and developing societies and convinced many among us that this world is becoming increasingly unpredictable and dangerous. We think that in such challenging times, when there is a general feeling of disorientation, Yan Cure may empower individuals, especially the most vulnerable ones, unhealthy, by helping them to tap into their physical and mental resources.

Our Campus

Yan Cure Yoga Retreat & Ayurveda Center is set amidst the foothills of the Himalayan mountains, close to the holy Ganga River in the world capital of yoga- Rishikesh, India.

 The location is a 20 minute uphill drive from downtown Rishikesh. Free from the air, light and sound pollution of the city, enjoy yourself waking up to the sounds of the birds and end your days stargazing. 

 Yan Cure Yoga Retreat & Ayurveda Center  offers you the opportunity to learn & practice yoga in luscious garden settings with scenic views of the mountains. The holy Ganga River is close by, and there is a river just two minute walk away which feeds into the Ganga. There are also two waterfalls and a wildlife sanctuary within trekking distance.

Wildlife Experience

We are located in the heart of Rajaji Tiger Reserve and lucky ones can spot wildlife around this area spontaneously. Guests can also try jungle safari option for more indepth feel and experience of the forest.

Bird Watching

We are located at the perfect spot to closely watch and enjoy the colorful 30 species of migratory birds from Siberia and China. Relax in dedicated bird watching spots, allowing you to enjoy the peaceful melodies.

River Activities

We have river front with very mild sand beaches to enjoy and relax near the refreshing waters of Ganges. Indulge in riverside picnics, where you can relax while surrounded by the soothing beauty of nature.

Recreational Centers

Indoor recreational centers equipped with pool tables, air hockey tables, and a gym for guests looking for entertainment and fitness activities.

Travel Desk

Our travel desk is dedicated to curating personalized itineraries, ensuring your journey is tailored to your preferences, whether it's cultural exploration, adventure, or relaxation. Our travel desk is at your service 24/7, always ready to assist.

Outdoor sports

Immerse yourself in a world of outdoor adventure at our retreat. Test your precision with archery, challenge your balance on slacklines amidst nature's backdrop, and enjoy lively frisbee games on our open lawns. Experience in the heart of our natural haven.
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Why Choose Us

Solve Your Problem with The Power of Nature

Ayurveda has gained popularity worldwide as an alternative and complementary system of medicine. It is important to note that Ayurvedic treatments should be administered by qualified and experienced practitioners who have a deep understanding of the principles and methods.

Cure's That We Provide

"One of the best thing in this Aayurveda Retreat Centre is accommodation. if you are solo traveler then visit here once i hope you love it..You will love people here..owner, kitchen staff,yoga teacher Neelam ji, ayurveda Dr.Praveen ji & therapiest Kavita ji, Rishiraj and Manjeet all are outstanding. Will come again at YanCure Retreat in Rishikesh"

Adrian Deehan Australia

"Great ayurvedic treatments with useful ayurvada consultations. Very happening yoga classes with world class teacher and the therapist were also good. Their goal is to send you back fit in your hectic world in proper health and peaceful mind. The view to river ganga was awesome and I highly recommend going to this Yan Cure wellness centre."

Radha Lyer Bangalore, India

"I had such an amazing experience at Yan Cure. The rooms are clean and spacious, the food is delicious, the Ayurveda treatments are relaxing, and the service is exceptional. I highly recommend this center for anyone looking to unplug from their busy lives. It's a quick walk from the Ganga river. It is in a very optimal location far from the hustle and bustle to give one the opportunity to truly relax."

Stephanie Jaie Los Angeles, California
Our Guiding Lights

Our Mentors & Faculty Members

We specialize in applying Ayurvedic principles and techniques to promote wellness, balance, and healing in individuals.

Swami Karamveer Ji


Manish Gupta Ji
Bharti Gupta Ji


Dr. Praveen Rana

PHD in Yoga & Ayurveda
DYN. Yoga & Naturopathy
PGPCT, M.D. ( Cupping )

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Behind Virbhadra Temple,Nirmal Bag,
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