14 Days Ayurvedic Panchakarma Treatment in Rishikesh, India

At Yan cure, Panchkarma therapies are given very specifically.  All therapies you will get would be design by our main doctor after checking your pulse and navel point. These diagnosis helps us to understand your whole body (Physically and mentally) problems and shows us a path to cure those from the root.

Panchakarma at YAN-Cure is designed individually for each personwith their specific condition and specific disorder. It requires close observation and supervision and YAN-Cure is well facilitate with this. Treatment starts with pre-purification Measures of Snehan and Svedana, and then cleansing methods – Shodanas are applied.

Understanding 14 Days Panchakarma Retreat

Each therapy at YAN cure would give you a deep understanding about your body and mind. Therapies would help you in Complete cleansing of the body, Elimination of toxins, Opening of blocked channels, Improve strength of digestive system, Speedup the metabolism, Helps in reducing the weight, Helps in rejuvenation of tissues, Helps in Relaxing the mind & relieve stress, Boost immunity etc.

In this retreat you will be enjoying various therapies like…

Abhyangam = Ayurvedic Massage, Deep tissue massage, Marma massage, Swedish massage, Feet massage, head & back massage etc.

Udvartanam = Herbal Scrub, Dry fruits, Udvartan powder, Ayurvedic Facial etc.

Potli (Herbal thermal massage) = Patrapindaswedan, Shatshali pindswedan, Choorna potli swedan,  Rock salt potli swedan, Sand pinda swedan etc.

Nasyam (Nasal administration; Errhine Therapy) = Anu oil nasyam, Shatbindu oil nasyam, cow ghee nasyam.

Swedan = Full body swedan, Ekanga swedan, Dashmool kwathswedan, Face swedan, 

Shirodhara = Brahmi oil, Ksheerbala oil, Milk dhara, Takra dhara, Chandanadi tailam.

Akshi Tarpan = TrifalaGhrit, Mahatrifala Ghrit etc.

Basti = Katibasti, Janubasti, Griva basti, Hridaya Basti, Prishtha Basti etc.

Basti (Enema) = Mahanarayan oil, Dashmoolkwath, Neem oil or Neem water, Buttermilk, Anise water, Sanay water, Amaltaskwath, Gaumootra, Castor oil etc. 

Vaman = Anise water, Anise-cardimom water, Rock salt water etc.

Gandoosh = Irmidadi oil, Sesame oil etc.

Shiropichu = Ksheerbaladi oil, Brahmi oil etc. 


We believe choosing Yan Cure would be a best gift you can ever give to you or loved onse.

14 days panchakarma retreat

When You Might Need Panchakarma Retreat


You need a way to shift your emotional constraints into a more flowing and accessible form.

Inner Peace

You want the inner peace that comes from knowing that your life is not out of your control.

Inner Self

You want a practice that brings you into a high awareness of your inner self.

Our Typical Daily Schedule

We advise students to go to bed early, before 10 p.m., as this is beneficial to the wellness retreat. The following is a typical daily program for our School’s 7-day Wellness Retreat Program in Rishikesh, India.



06:00 – 6:30

Shat Kriya & Cleansing (Jat Neti etc )

06:30 – 08:00

Yoga Posture & Relaxation

08:30– 09:30

Inner Cleansing Program

09:30 – 10:30

Bereakfast & Free Time

11:00 – onwards 

Therapy (Session-1)

1:30 PM

Lunch Time

4:00 PM

Tea/ Coffee / Mixed Herbal Drink etc

4:30 PM

Therapy/Yogasana (Session-2)

7:00 PM

Meditation/Walking/Free Time

8:15 PM

Dinner Time

10:00 PM

Bed Time

Results From 14 Days Panchakarma Retreat Program

Program Offerings

Course Fees Include

  • 14 Days & 13 Nights Accommodation
  • Three vegetarian meals per day
  • Evening Tea, Herbal Drinks & Juice
  • Free Wifi Internet
  • Yoga materials during class (i.e. yoga mat, block...)
  • Printed study handouts & Course Certification

Course Fees Doesn't Include

  • Airport Transfer (available at additional charges)
  • Travel & Medical Insurance
  • Travel expenses (i.e. airfare, train, bus, taxi, etc.)
  • Extra nights (available at additional charges)
  • Other Personal Expenses

Our Testimonials

As you take in the energy of our group workout, you’ll also get the attention and inspiration that comes from our experienced personal training coaches. They’re full of the life they promise and always pushing you forward with tough love.

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This 14 Days Ayurvedic Panchakarma Retreat in Rishikesh, India starts on the 1st, and 15th of every month throughout the year. So you can apply for any month in advance.

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